What the people are saying...

"Joe Hubbard, just a sophomore in the UA acting program, had a massive role as Jake, a reluctant CIA agent recruited to train Cuban exiles to invade their homeland. He was onstage almost constantly, and…his big talent is clear. His organic approach to acting made his Jake both believable and sympathetic."

                         Kathleen Allen- Arizona Daily Star


"As Cassius, Joe Hubbard shined, offering subtle variations of tone and pacing in his speech, without sacrificing clarity."

                          Dave Iriwin- Tucson Sentinel


"This...production has two smart and capable actors at its center: As Brutus and Cassius, Conway and Hubbard give intelligent, confident performances. Conway's Brutus evolves from an insecure young man into a tragic hero, while Hubbard's Cassius devolves from a conniving politician into a tortured sad-sack."

                           Laura C.J. Owen- Tucson Weekly


"...Cassius was given solid life by Joe Hubbard."

                           Kathleen Allen- Arizona Daily Star


"Joe Hubbard plays the dual roles of Princes Louis...and Phillipe, which requires some tricky logistics that he executes quite well, providing a lot of laughs."

                           Sherilyn Forrester-Tucson Weekly


"For the most part, the cast was solid and their performances were commendable, particularly Hubbard, who made his IT debut as a last-minute fill-in for the ailing actor Chadwick Collins. Hubbard, who is entering his senior year at the University of Arizona, was given the role on Sunday and had his lines down cold by Wednesday's opening night, which is saying a lot given Wasserman's propensity for dialogue."

                          Cathalena E. Burch- Arizona Daily Star


"But it's Joe Hubbard, as his sidekick, Lunkhead, fairly new to Gaslight and probably the youngest of the group, who shows talent to spare. We are looking forward to watching him grow on Tucson's fun-filled Gaslight stage."

                        Regina Ford- Green Valley News


"Joe Hubbard brings a lot of life to the part of Lunkhead, a character who could be merely a minor annoyance in other hands."

                       James Reel- Tucson Weekly