Reels and Clips
Joe Hubbard-Dramatic Reel
"Pitch" Commercial

Joe is featured in the commercial for the upcoming app, "Pitch."

The Test-Opening Scene

By Ethan Moore and Abe Zverow


The opening sequence of the short film, The Test where Joe plays the lead character of Ryan.

Half Amazed-The Final Trick

By Nick Going


A scene from the film "Half Amazed" by Nick Going.  Joe plays the lead character; a stuggling magician performing for a ruthless audience.

Detective Interrogation Scene

Joe plays Detective Rogers

The Test-Bathroom Scene

By Ethan Moore and Abe Zverow


A moment of discovery for the two friends.  Joe Hubbard as the lead character, Ryan.


*Mature Language

Joe Hubbard's Voice Over Demo




By Joel Lopez


The dinner scene from "Imagine" by Joel Lopez.  Joe plays the lead role of Daniel; a troubled writer struggling to balance his personal life with the stories in his head.